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Standards of Cover

Develop, Improve, and Monitor Standards of Cover

Analyzing performance and risk is best practice. But it’s not a one-time exercise. If your Standards of Cover is in a binder collecting dust on a back shelf, it’s time to rethink your approach. For true transparency and accountability, you need a living, breathing plan that everyone in your organization understands and owns.

See where you stand—and how you stand to change

With the Darkhorse Emergency decision analytics platform, you can visualize response performance data by key metrics, see current performance, identify areas of risk, and know at a glance where you need to improve. You can instantly see how resource allocation changes will affect your service. And you can evaluate the impact on First Due or Emergency Response Force (ERF) performance.

Keep up with your community’s needs

Routinely monitoring and proactively adjusting resources based on changes in performance data keeps your service efficient and effective as your community grows. And it ensures you are always ready to have transparent, productive conversations with stakeholders around budget, response targets, and priority areas for risk reduction.

Accelerate your CPSE Accreditation

The Darkhorse Emergency Decision Analytics Platform streamlines the complex process of pursuing and maintaining CPSE accreditation. The ongoing monitoring and continuous improvement functionality built into the platform helps your organization efficiently check a lot of boxes, putting this coveted distinction more easily within your reach. No matter where you are in the process of CPSE accreditation, see how our platform can help save time and effort.

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