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Data Wrangler

Create A Foundation For Data-Driven Decisions

If you’ve ever worked with raw data, you know that cleaning it up and sifting out the useful bits can be incredibly painful.  We’ve been there, elbow deep in the bankers boxers, floppy disks, and cloud servers.  Drawing on 20 years of experience in the trenches, we’ve found a way to automate the process and quickly transform your data mess into a virtual goldmine for analysis and insight.

Quickly Unearth
Your Most
Important Data Assets

The Darkhorse Emergency data wrangling tool is a fast, flexible, and intelligent system. It makes quick work of:

  • Cleaning up your duplicates and miskeys
  • Joining key elements of RMS, CAD, AVL, PCR with fleet, asset, road network, and boundary files to consolidate important data and make it usable
  • Identifying and dealing with gaps and outliers that can skew your data

The end result is a clean, secure database that will house your most trusted data assets for making decisions that will protect and preserve your community.

Keep Your Data Clean

Because your data changes all the time, it’s not enough to scrub the data you have right now. Our data wrangler tools also improve data collection processes and quality assurance. As new data becomes available, the system automatically adapts, updates, and ensures you are always working with the latest, cleanest version of your service’s data truth.

Trust The Same
Open-Source Toolsets
The Leaders Trust

The Darkhorse data wrangler is built on a foundation of best-in-class open-source toolsets and libraries that are the backbone of modern analytics. Open-source software provides superior security, flexibility and transparency, and means our tools can keep up with the latest advancements in data science. These platforms, such as OpenStreetMap, PostgreSQL or Jupyter, are created, used and maintained by a diverse community ranging from hobbyists to academics to the giants like Netflix or Facebook.

Python Postgres Open Maps Jupyter

Get Started With A Clean, Secure Data Foundation