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Station Planning

Protect Life, Property, and Budgets

Where to locate a new station is a multimillion-dollar decision. Getting it wrong could cost your community much more than that in lives lost and fire damage if your resources are not positioned to respond in a timely manner.

Know the impact of decisions before you execute them

When it’s time for a needs assessment or master planning, leveraging data and analytics can help. You can ensure that politics, short-sightedness, or even good old-fashioned opportunism don’t end up saddling your community with a poorly located station for decades to come. Using the Darkhorse Deployment tools, you can instantly test deployment scenarios to see the impact today and decades into the future. You can evaluate tradeoffs between costs, response performance, and political concerns associated with each potential location. And you can pinpoint the optimal location with confidence and ease.

Validate your choices over time and set the stage for continuous improvement

Once stations are built, you can use the platform’s monitoring tools to track their impact on performance. You’ll find that predictions made with the system are remarkably accurate. In Strathcona County, actual response performance recorded a year after a new station was built was within 1% of what the tools modeled years earlier. As communities continue to evolve and tweaks need to be made, it’s easy to test the impact of moving equipment and personnel.

Save millions today – save lives and property down the road

Using the Darkhorse Emgency decision analytics platform, fire and EMS services in Canada and the U.S. have saved millions by avoiding or deferring capital expenditures on stations that are not yet needed or not optimally located. And they’ve confidently positioned their resources to protect their communities for years to come.

See the Platform at Work