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Decision Support

Get as Close to Fool-Proof Decision Making as You Can Get

Tackling complex public safety challenges takes more than a gut feeling. The Darkhorse Emergency decision analytics platform puts data you can trust at your fingertips and takes the guesswork out of your decisions.

No matter where you fall on the data spectrum—data skeptic, data curious, or data advocate—the platform’s powerful capabilities are intuitive. Every member of your team can play a part in making evidence-based choices that improve performance and efficiency. And the software increases transparency and accountability, making it simpler to secure any stakeholder buy-in you need.

See how the Darkhorse Emergency platform can improve every strategic decision:

Standards of Cover

Develop, improve, and monitor your response effectiveness.


Community Risk Assessment

Know your high-risk areas and understand your capacity to respond.


Station Planning

Be ready to meet the needs of your growing community.


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