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Darkhorse Deployment

Take the Guesswork Out of Deployment and Station Location Decisions

Poorly deployed fire and EMS resources cost lives. They can lead to millions of dollars in unnecessary property damage. And they tie up capital that could be used in all sorts of other ways to improve your community. With Darkhorse Deployment , you can see how your community’s needs are evolving  and model the impact of potential changes before you make them.

Stay on top of your community’s risk

Darkhorse Deployment is a living view of your system, constantly updating as your community grows. With it, your team can monitor changes in policy, geography, road networks, and call intensity and see the impact on drive time, workload, performance, and overgoal response.

Know the future

By integrating your community’s short and long-term population and development forecast data into the platform, you can see how anticipated growth will affect risk levels and your service’s capacity to handle it. Using highly accurate spatial forecasts, you can plan to prevent problems instead of reacting to them.

Simulate proposed changes in a no-risk environment

Easily manage, visualize, and test tactical and strategic deployment decisions with powerful proximity and availability algorithms. Open and close stations with a click. Move vehicles, responders, and on-shift operational staff.

Keep stakeholders in the loop

Darkhorse Deployment makes it easy to garner support for critical decisions, such as new station locations. The tools do much of the convincing for you, demonstrating with complete transparency the impact of different solutions and the tradeoffs between cost, response perfomance, and political concerns that come with each choice. Use it to enhance communications with multiple stakeholders and help all parties align on optimal decisions.

Do More With Your Data

Analyze solutions, predict the impact