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Darkhorse Dashboards

Validate Critical Deployment Decisions

Anytime you reallocate resources, Darkhorse Dashboards substantiates your results. Use the monitoring and reporting toolset to view the immediate and ongoing impact of choices on your most important performance metrics. Designed to hit the sweet spot between flexibility and simplicity, the easy-to-interpret dashboards use secure, web-based architecture to put critical information at your fingertips, on all your devices. You can confirm choices and nurture accountability at all levels of your service.

Choose your metrics

Define metrics and sub metrics that matter to your performance and overall strategy, such as turnout and drive time. Darkhorse Dashboards let you measure and manage the right things and avoid muddying the water with non-meaningful data.

Example metrics. Key indicators can be developed and set based on available data.

Change your view

Monitor and report by platoon, category of call, response time intervals, time of day or day of year, or area of your community to measure impact on specific areas of your service.

Set your cadence

Monitoring and reporting tools are aligned to support your existing management processes. Whether you prefer a recurring monthly management review for some numbers or an end of shift scorecard for others, the tools are easily customized to seamlessly support the way you already manage performance improvement within your service.

Stay focused and accountable

With intuitive monitoring and reporting, it’s easy to keep everyone tuned into what matters most to your service’s success.

Do More With Your Data

Pinpoint problems, track the impact