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About Us

We Help Public Safety Organizations Develop and Nurture Analytics Capabilities

The most successful public safety organizations are evidence-based. Data literacy is part of their DNA and it matters just as much as experience and intuition. Cultures like this don’t get built overnight. But when you start with a clean data foundation, layer on intuitive visualization, and generate actionable insights in just a few clicks, even the biggest data skeptics on your team will start to believe. Analytics quickly becomes ingrained in your everyday tactical and strategic decision-making. And you’ll see the proof in the pudding with more on-target calls, more dollars saved, and more fatalities avoided.

Build A Data-Driven Culture

We began working with public safety organizations in 2001 as university researchers. We quickly found that, equipped with the right tools, emergency services can develop the analytics capabilities they need to identify and address their service’s performance challenges on their own. We founded Darkhorse Emergency in 2008 to help services accelerate this transformation to an evidence-based mindset.

Our mission is to provide the tools and training for public safety organizations to become self-sufficient at continuous improvement.  Our goal is to show you how to launch an ongoing, virtuous cycle of diagnosing, prescribing, and monitoring that will grow with you and your community.

Work with a software company that values what you value

We believe in the power of an evidence-based culture. We believe in one data-based version of truth. In addition, our organization operates under several other common core values that define how we work with each other and with you:

Our Values

Trust first

We choose to extend trust before it’s earned. We value transparency and openness and we give our employees great autonomy.

Own it

We own our commitments and we own the success of our company. We are proud of our accomplishments and accountable for our mistakes.

Do the right thing, every time

We maintain our integrity in the face of difficult or uncomfortable decisions. We trust our team to know what the right thing is.


We make the complex clear and succinct.

Is there a better way?

Sometimes a best practice is only a good practice. We’re continually looking for ways to improve our work and our workplace.

Take the long view

We look at every decision through a long-term lens. Our relationships with employees and clients are sustainable through time.

Meet Our Team

Daniel Haight


Craig Hiltz

VP Client Engagement

Maciej Bukczynski

Director, Product

Jon Billiau

Director, Consulting & Customer Success

Chad Ouellette

Director, Client Engagement

Chantelle Bryce


Krystina Gagne

Data Engineer

Maryna Goncharenko


Corey Jamison

Senior Developer

Rob Korzan

Product Advisor

Thomas Lorincz


Olivia Sekulic


David Woodruff


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