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Getting Started

Launch Your Continous Improvement Culture Today

The Darkhorse Emergency decision analytics platform empowers every member of your team to trust your data and embrace it for better decision-making. That’s why it’s priced for your entire service—not per user. Our analytics experts help your team learn the capabilities of the platform while we walk you through your first set of critical decisions. You’ll solve actual issues while you’re training, develop an appreciation for transparency and accountability, and see the results clearly in your performance metrics. Your team will soon gain the confidence and data literacy to diagnose problems, deploy solutions, and monitor results on your own. And you’ll have access to ongoing, white-glove support from our experts when you need it.

The Darkhorse Process
Start With Data You Can Trust

If your data is a mess, you’re not alone. In fact, dirty data seems to be a hallmark of public safety and a major hurdle to analytical decision-making. Darkhorse Emergency removes that roadblock. As part of the installation process, we use a proprietary open-source tool set to quickly integrate and clean your data, giving you a secure, updated database that drives the Darkhorse Emergency platform with one version of truth.

Get Results While You Train

With your data foundation established, you can dive right in to tackling performance problems. The hands-on training process lets you learn while you do, so you’ll build your data literacy skills and improve your performance at the same time.

Present With Confidence

The more you use the system and see the results in your numbers, the more confident you’ll become. The presentation-ready information and graphics generated by the platform tools help you build new skills for leveraging and communicating findings to stakeholders and ensure you get the greatest value from your software investment.

Ask The Experts

On-site education and ongoing coaching from our analytics experts are always part of the deal. As a platform subscriber, you benefit from ongoing touchpoints for troubleshooting and support as you build your evidence-based culture.

Get Started With A Clean, Secure Data Foundation