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Darkhorse Diagnostics

Know Where and Why Performance Problems and Opportunities Exist

You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. The diagnostic tools in the Darkhorse Emergency decision analytics platform tell your performance story in no uncertain terms, going far beyond simple incident counts and response times. Darkhorse Diagnostics paints a clear picture of performance strengths and weaknesses, telling you not just what and where, but why. Use the tools to visualize your current performance, explore trends, spot indicators of problems or opportunities such as out-of-zone calls or mutual aid calls, and drill down into the root causes of over-target responses. With these insights, your team will know definitively where, when, and how to invest efforts and allocate resources for the greatest impact on performance and Standards of Cover.

Understand your current state

Get a snapshot of your community’s risk and your service’s ability to respond with an up-to-date look at five main metrics:

Drill down to pinpoint key issues

Use the customized filters, interactive map, and charting tools to explore performance by platoon, category of call, response time intervals, time of day or day of year, or area of your community. Filtering and graphing lets you quickly hone in on your trouble spots and understand the what’s, when’s, and where’s of performance problems.

Explore historical trends

Gain additional insight by analyzing incidents and seeing how response performance has changed over time. Learn where you’re most often responding within the target time, and where you’re not. You can look at your data by any time period and in any configuration you need to gain deeper understanding.

Ask why, not just what

Don’t stop at identifying your problems. Empower your people to get to the bottom of the issues. A sophisticated logic engine instantly conducts a root cause analysis on every call to give you the specifics on why certain calls are over target. Find out exactly what’s hindering performance so you can strategically address and correct the situation.

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Pinpoint problems, track the impact