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Our Platform

Gain Insights for Continually Improving Response Performance

The Darkhorse Emergency decision analytics platform is a suite of cloud-based tools that support continuous improvement and more confident decision making by every member of your team. The platform has been  used successfully in services with as few as three stations and as many as 80 and in communities with populations ranging from 25,000 to 5 million. And it has been fully embraced up and down the chain of command.  From rookie firefighters to seasoned chiefs, the intuitive tools help everyone in your organization better understand current performance and effectively communicate it to your stakeholders.

Always have the latest data at your fingertips

The three modules within the platform work together to help you diagnose current and future performance problems, model the impact of potential solutions, and track the effectiveness of the changes you implement. From long term station planning that addresses community growth to short-term resource allocation for events or traffic projects, the Darkhorse Emergency platform provides clarity and confidence. Your team will have a far deeper understanding of the community dynamics and how to address them as you evolve your Standards of Cover.

Darkhorse Diagnostics

See where and why performance problems exist within your service.

  • View up-to-date performance metrics
  • Explore how response performance has changed over time
  • Drill down into the root causes of overgoal responses
Darkhorse Deployment

Test deployment scenarios in a no-risk environment.

  • See how anticipated community growth will affect risk levels and your service’s capacity to handle it
  • Calculate the optimal locations for future stations
  • Gauge the impact of moving resources before you make changes
  • Gain stakeholder support for critical community decisions
Darkhorse Dashboards

Measure and track the impact of changes of key performance metrics.

  • Validate your deployment and resource allocation decisions
  • Support management practices with customizable monitoring and reporting tools
  • Keep everyone focused on critical performance indicators

Own your decisions

With the interactive, easy-to-use data visualization and analytics tools in the Darkhorse Emergency platform, you can instantly answer your “what if” questions with complete transparency. You can validate the effectiveness of every tactical and strategic decision you make. Your service owns its performance, reducing the need for consultants and instilling confidence in your team’s evidence-based decision-making capabilities.

Get Started With A Clean, Secure Data Foundation