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CPSE Accreditation

Get Help for Every Step of Your CPSE Accreditation Journey

If CPSE Accreditation is your goal, the Darkhorse Emergency Decision Analytics Platform is the key to an efficient, effective process that gets you there faster and transforms your organization for the better all along the way.

Our cloud-based suite of decision support tools includes three modules that work together to simplify and accelerate planning, data gathering, monitoring, documentation, and reporting. Because when it comes to achieving a highly coveted distinction for your service, dealing with the data shouldn’t be the hard part.

Choose Your Stage of the Accreditation Process to Learn More

Pre-Application & Registration

Your task and goals:
  • Explore accreditation
  • Start the process
  • Organize your data

How the Darkhorse Emergency Platform Helps:

  • Collects, cleans, and standardizes your data with our data wrangling tools
  • Leverages open-source toolsets trusted by industry-leading data scientists
  • Ensures ongoing data quality
  • Builds a reliable foundation and single source of truth for self-assessment and continuous improvement
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Active Applicant

Your task and goals:
  • Conduct a Self-Assessment
  • Complete a Community Risk Assessment
  • Develop Standards of Cover
  • Complete a Peer Assessment

How the Darkhorse Emergency Platform Helps:

  • Visualizes current performance and risks to support service-wide understanding and knowledge
  • Allows you to hone in on trouble spots and understand performance drivers
  • Supports optimization of your Standards of Cover
  • Involves everyone in your organization in understanding and improving performance
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Accreditation &

Your task and goals:
  • Complete monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting
  • Implement continuous improvement cycles

How the Darkhorse Emergency Platform Helps:

  • Substantiates the results of resource reallocations
  • Illustrates immediate and ongoing impact to performance metrics
  • Seamlessly models and reports on key metrics
  • Keeps you one step ahead of future development, growth, and risks
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Metro Fire Service Streamlines CSPE Accreditation

Learn how one of the largest first services in North America uses the Darkhorse Emergency Decision Analytics Platform to support its evidence-based culture, drive better response performance, and achieve and maintain CPSE accreditation.

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Download CSPE Accreditation Fact Sheet

We’ve also provided a simple, single-page PDF document you can share to assess your accreditation needs.

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If you have the grit and determination, Darkhorse Emergency can make the data part easy.

Contact us to learn more about how to streamline and simplify your CPSE accreditation journey with the Darkhorse Emergency Decision Analytics Platform.