Darkhorse Emergency

Save Lives and Reduce Fire Loss

with Strategic Fire and Emergency Services Station Planning

A poorly located fire or EMS station will cost your community over and over again. Misplaced stations hinder emergency response times and act as a drag on overall response performance. But fire station locations based on spatial forecasting and predictive modeling can position your public safety service to respond quickly both today and well into the future.

In the Darkhorse Emergency Services Fire Station Planning Guide, you will learn:
  • The full cost of underperforming stations
  • How fire station location planning translates into lives saved and averted property damage
  • Why spatial forecasting and analytics are critical to an effective emergency response plan
  • How and why variability is key to predictive station modeling
  • How smaller stations can help your fire and EMS service improve emergency response performance

Download your copy of the Fire and Emergency Services Station Planning Guide. And start planning for the emergency response performance your community deserves today.

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