Root Cause Analysis

Every public safety organization reports their descriptive numbers: how many incidents, how long it took to respond, and how they’ve performed. The more sophisticated can describe where these things differ and how they’ve changed over time. But very few can say why.

Darkhorse Diagnostics uses a root cause engine that parses each call individually to determine “why” it is overgoal. It identifies the main contributing factor by categorizing overgoal calls into driving, distance, availability, turnout/chute, dispatch, and call handling categories. It does this for both First Due and ERF calls. The result is a chart like the one below that shows the relative impact of each.

We work with your team to convert these results into concrete performance improvement recommendations. The next steps may lead to doing a station review, an in-depth deployment analysis, or the development of projects to improve operational performance such as call handling or turnout. Whatever the result, decision makers can move forward with confidence.