Regular reporting is a cornerstone of managing a municipality or jurisdiction. Reports are used to communicate, to inform, to measure, and to improve. When done well, they bring accountability to actions and decisions, and coordinate activities across the organization.

Our reporting solutions foster better communication. We help you deploy clear, accurate, and convincing dashboards by working from the bottom up:

  • We build a foundation of clean, trustworthy data;
  • we develop the right metrics;
  • we embed them in the right technology; and,
  • we display them with intuitive visuals.

But we don’t stop there – we help build the processes to support their use and train your team on how to think and act analytically. We’re not done until you’re receiving value from your reporting.

Consulting Engagements

Our consulting services most often culminate in an oral presentation (to the executive group or city council) and a written report.


Darkhorse Dashboards

A web-based app for monitoring your key metrics.  Define the right measurements and deploy them at a cadence that’s aligned with your processes.


Darkhorse Benchmarking

Visualize where your organization measure against its peers, including traditional consulting reports such as station location reviews, needs assessment studies, standards of cover documents, and strategic plans.