Darkhorse Deployment is a web-based decision-support application, helping you manage, visualize, and test deployment strategies. With Deployment, you can move stations, vehicles, and responders, and instantly see the impact on drive-time, performance, and workload.

We use your road network, your drive times, and your expected call volumes combined with our proximity and availability algorithms to give you a quick and accurate assessment of proposed changes to your service.

Visualize Your Current State

See how your service is performing using four main metrics:

  • Performance
  • Drive Time
  • Overgoal Responses
  • Annual Call Volume

Configure Your Stations

Open and close stations with a simple click. See how these changes will affect your service at a global and local level.

Dynamic Station Zones

Curious to know what kind of call volume your new station will be responding to?
Deployment creates dynamic run areas based on expected drive times. You can evaluate the new run areas with ease.

Test Your Deployments

Add or remove units and on-shift operational staff to see how those changes affect your service. Evaluate the impact on first due or ERF performance.

Optimize Now And For The Future

Build scenarios for the current system and using highly accurate spatial forecasts.

Darkhorse Deployment is a living view of your system, constantly updating as your community grows. With it, your team can respond to changes in policy, geography, and call intensity. Based on over 15 years of research and refinement, Deployment gives you confidence in your decisions.