Let’s face it, your data is a mess. The only data that is even remotely clean is data where mistakes would send you to jail. But don’t despair. There are proven tools and techniques to scrub away the junk and reveal the insights hidden within.

Darkhorse Wrangler adds value to your precious data assets. It’s the culmination of over twenty years in the data trenches. We’ve worked with public safety data in bankers boxes, floppy disks, and cloud servers. And we’re continually surprised by the new ways users discover to mess it up. From this experience, we’ve designed a fast, flexible, intelligent system that:

  • Cleans up your duplicates and miskeys
  • Joins key elements of RMS, CAD, AVL, PCR, with fleet, asset, road network and boundary files
  • Identifies and deals appropriately with gaps and outliers
  • Creates a set of recommendations to improve data collection and QA
  • Continues to adapt and update as new data becomes available

The end result is a clean, secure database housing your most important data assets. You can use it to drive your reporting infrastructure and create the raw material for your analytics and BI group. Or you can use it to drive the entire Darkhorse Emergency suite of reporting and modeling tools.

You can do all this while trusting that you have a single version of the truth.

Darkhorse Wrangler is not a typical piece of software. It’s built on a series of open-source toolsets and libraries that allow flexibility and transparency. There’s nothing worse than an auto-cleaning algorithm that throws away good data. Darkhorse Wrangler is the same type of environment used by the industry leading data scientist at Google and Netflix. If you’re planning to build a high functioning data team, Wrangler will make them feel right at home.

A selection of the open source technologies our team uses for the Darkhorse Wrangler