Darkhorse Dashboards is a purpose-built solution for public safety. Generic dashboarding tools often fall short in either offering too much flexibility, or not enough. The proof is in the pudding: your team is or isn’t using it for decision-making.

Dashboards find the sweet spot between flexibility and simplicity. It keeps your team focused on their Most Important Thing. It integrates seamlessly with your data, and it’s delivered automatically to your devices. It fosters deeper accountability.

Choose your metrics…

Measuring the right things ensures that you’re managing the right things. Measuring the wrong things can lead to disaster. We help you define the right metrics by working back from a decision. We don’t build a dashboard just because the data is available.

Set your cadence

Different metrics require a different cadence and should be aligned with your management processes. For instance, many services add a recurring “metrics review” agenda item to their monthly management meetings. Others have an end of shift scorecard that goes out every four days.

Monitor your efforts

Our dashboards use a secure, web-based architecture so that you have access across any device and at any time.