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New Brunswick EMS (NBEMS), headquartered in Moncton, is responsible for the management of ambulance services for the entire province.

The Challenge

With a population of more than 750,000 and over 100,000 calls per year, NBEMS needed to ensure that they were deploying their resources efficiently and wisely to meet demand.

NBEMS turned to Darkhorse Analytics because of our proven expertise in emergency services and our ability to create custom tools tailored to their needs.

“What we really needed was for someone to sit down and work with us…to help us reach our goals for operational efficiency and confident decision-making.” – NBEMS

The Solution

We began with an in-depth analysis of NBEMS’s historical data to gain an understanding of the breadth of issues facing their team.

Next, as a means of capturing the complexity of planning emergency services, we employed drive-time, station location, deployment, scheduling, and redeployment models.

Utilizing these five distinct modeling tactics, we were able to decipher the province’s multifaceted emergency services system and begin building intelligent and interactive predictive tools to guide NBEMS’s decision-making.

“Darkhorse Analytics welcomed us to learn. This open communication helped us make sure we got exactly what we needed.” – NBEMS

The Results

We created a series of modeling tools that predict the impact of operational decisions, such as adding or removing emergency services stations.

Additionally, we created a tool that modeled a “blank slate” to determine where and when ambulances should be placed in an ideal scenario.

These tools form the basis for NBEMS’s decision-making process. They help NBEMS determine resource needs for their fleet and base locations, and allow them to track their performance.

“It was very reassuring to have Darkhorse Analytics come in. They were a powerful enabler.” – NBEMS

Daniel Haight

Daniel Haight

Daniel Haight is the President and co-founder of Darkhorse Analytics and Darkhorse Emergency Services. He is a Certified Analytics Professional and an award-winning lecturer at the University of Alberta School of Business. His current work focuses on predictive analytics and data visualization. His goal is to help managers make better decisions by combining their experience with the power of analytics. His even bigger goal is to design a company where Monday mornings are more exciting than Friday afternoons.

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