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Intelligent | Intuitive | Data Driven

Darkhorse is dedicated to building analytical capability in your organization. When combined with your experience, this reduces costs, improves decisions, and saves lives.

We have been helping emergency services since 2008. With deep roots in academia and broad experience in all sizes of services, we pride ourselves on making a difference.

Our Values

Behind every great organization is a set of common beliefs and a consistent view of what’s important. Our values reflect who we are now, not how we hope to be perceived.

Trust first
We choose to extend trust before it’s earned. We value transparency and openness and we give our employees great autonomy.

Own it
We own our commitments and we own the success of our company. We are proud of our accomplishments and accountable for our mistakes.

Do the right thing, every time
We maintain our integrity in the face of difficult or uncomfortable decisions. We trust our team to know what the right thing is.

We make the complex clear and succinct.

Is there a better way?
Sometimes a best practice is only a good practice. We’re continually looking for ways to improve our work and our workplace.

Take the long view
We look at every decision through a long-term lens. Our relationships with employees and clients is sustainable through time.

Our Team

Dan Haight


Rob Korzan

Product Manager

Maciej Bukczynski

Project Manager

Nancy Ho

Senior Analyst

Craig Schram

Senior Analyst

Shawn Halvorson

Senior Analyst

Alan Sweeney

Senior Developer

Mitch Wong


Corey Jamison


Maryna Goncharenko