Our Station Locator App answers a variety of questions including where and when stations could be placed, and how performance can be expected to improve.


Analytics at your fingertips:

  • Find the best place to site the station for optimal response time performance.

  • Discover what response performance should be expected from selecting that location.

  • Choose how many units should be based there and how many bays the station should support.

  • Discover what the best types of units should be stationed there (Hazmat, Rescue, Aerial, etc.)

  • Learn when the station should be built.

  • Know how many years that the location will remain optimal.


The Station Locator is built upon three data foundations to ensure accuracy. Working with your cities projected road networks, we develop a series of snapshots at regular intervals for the next 20 to 30 years. We then develop a spatial call forecast by converting your cities population forecast into a call volume forecast based on our understanding of the key drivers of call demand. Finally, we implement a drive time analysis, estimating point-to-point drive times for every possible station-call pair. This method is exceptionally accurate and based on years of research and application.