A Diagnostic Review is the first step in virtually all our engagements.

Why diagnose first?

It is vital that we understand your data, your business, the constraints you operate under, and the opportunities available to you.

The Diagnostic Review:

  • Identifies gaps or errors in CAD or spatial datasets
  • Validates or improves current performance reporting
  • Identifies the key areas for intervention (station location, deployment, operations, scheduling, etc.)
  • Prioritizes the interventions based on cost and benefit.
  • Educates your staff on how to apply evidence-based thinking to decision-making


We begin each review by collecting, cleaning, and standardizing your data.  This includes both spatial data (service area, station locations, road networks, etc.), computer-aided dispatch (CAD), schedule, Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL), and fleet data.

In some cases, outliers are inconsistently identified, call locations are improperly geo-coded, or calls types are wrongly categorized.  We address the data issues and then make recommendations on how to ensure accurate data going forward.  We use this data to recreate your current response performance metrics and then recommend changes if necessary.

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis is our proprietary logic process that parses each call individually to determine “why” it is overgoal.  Instead of simply reporting your performance by location or time, Root Cause Analysis suggests what the major contributing factor is. It categorizes overgoal calls into driving, distance, availability, turnout/chute, dispatch, and call handling categories.  The result is a chart like the one below that shows the relative impact of each.

We work with your team to convert these results into concrete performance improvement recommendations. The next steps may lead to doing a station review, an in depth deployment analysis or the development of projects to improve operational performance such as call handling. Whatever the result, decision makers can move forward with confidence.

Cost and Timelines

A Diagnostic Review takes three to six weeks to complete depending on the complexity of your service (and timely access to data).  We typically suggest completing this service with a Station Location Review. The cost of a typical Diagnostic Review is generally between $30,000 and $60,000, though bundled pricing is available for larger projects.